About me

My name is Baron von Dennis, yet I will get straight to the point. I won’t waver with informing you of my respected lineage or the deeds of my ancestors. The past has lingered too long in upholstered armchairs. I’m the present and the very proton-neutron-electron of the moment.

I’m now a writer-by-trade (ex-explorer & patent-copyright inventor). I live full-time off my ideas. I’m in high demand with myself and don’t believe in being my own boss because bosses suck and stink. I’m a freelancing bebopper type of Baron, with loads of chumph. I live neither the high-life nor the low-life as I don’t consider vertical living the way to go. I’m into the decentralized lifestyle, with horizontal attributes – if you get my game?

I’m friendly and uncooperative at the same time. People know me to be unbelievably ambiguous and imaginatively unbelievable. I don’t consider myself to be either a paradox or a straight line. My beliefs are minimal and diminishing. My opinions are flexible and should not be trusted – believe me! People should take my word on not believing me totally. Total belief is a mirage, in my flexible opinion. Oh, and life is in the cloud (but not the clouds!). That’s about it for now, although there could be more to come. More on that later. See you all on the upside ?

My Work

People have commented on my work saying that it’s like a cross between Terry Pratchett and Harry Potter. I guess that makes it somewhere in-between a Pratchett and a Potter – like a Pratchett-Potter. Or maybe a Pottering Pratchett? Either way, it’s a fine alliteration.

Previous Books

‘Love in the Age of the Coronavirus’

‘The Rebellion of the Bengali Birdwatchers’ (Sylvia Shyte Series 1)

‘Dead Shoes Don’t Walk Upon Water, Mister’

‘Janus, the Two-Headed Dog-Fearing Monkey Detective’

‘Attack of the Tattooed Fallen Angels from Betelgeuse’

‘Zombie Babies Die Hard’

‘The Man who Ate a Dictionary & Lived to Tell a Thousand Tales’ (also available in versions of Finnish, Esperanto & Latin dictionaries)

‘The Unemployed Workers’ Rights to More Free Time’ (A Self-Help Manual)

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