The wildest, funniest adventure since the fall of Atlantis! 

– Ameridog Today


Wag & Scally in White House Skuldoggery is a non-PC® rated adventure that takes place between the United Kingdog and the United States of Ameridog, and includes an array of conspiracies – such as the Kennedy assassination; the dark side of the moon; the ‘deep state;’ CIA mind-programming; and much, much more… 

The world has gone barking mad and only Britdog’s best agents, Wag & Scally, can save the United States of Ameridog from its greatest crisis in history. With no more than a small bone to go on, the Britdog agents must bravely venture into the deep, dark, surreal world of the Canine Intelligence Agency (CIA).



Read the book the elites tried to ban!!


non-PC® rated adventure

Characters in the book include: Frumpus - Presidog of United States of Ameridog; Distillery Rodbottom - ex-politician; Nil Jiffyson - ex-Presidog; Glutin - Head of Russiadog; Don Columdog - local Washington Dogfather; Queenie - Royal head of United Kingdog; and Lo-Poo - the wise Lo-Poo (Wag's favorite philosopher). 

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